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You pick the time and place, we'll do the rest

Collins & Company is a growing and dynamic company, providing innovative warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, transportation, and palletizing services to customers with regional, national and global requirements.

We specialize in Warehousing, Inventory management and fullfillment for customers throughout the United States.

Warehouse and Delivery

We receive your product and manage short and long-term storage. Deliveries, at your request, are done in the most efficient manner possible. Our modern truck fleet coupled with our computerized inventory management system guarantees the dependable delivery of your goods. We serve northern Indiana, the midwest, and the entire United States.

Inventory Control and Management

We manage your product inventory, ensure adequate product levels and deliver goods when needed. Our inventory management system guarantees timely and cost-effective stock movement. Our extensive experience with the RV industry has taught us that success depends heavily on the fast turn-around of materials. Collins & Company Distributing's warehouse and distributing services are second to none.

Order Fulfillment

Give us your product and let us manage the orders, inventory and delivery. This service is what we do best. All the strengths of Collins & Company Distributing are brought to bear on the logistics of moving your product to and from your facilities. Have rapidly-changing inventory needs? Our flexibility and geographic reach makes it possible to adapt product flow to whatever level you need.

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