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There are many reasons to outsource warehouse functions – materials storage and handling – with an off-site service like Collins and Company Warehousing and Distribution. All have the common purpose of making your business more efficient and profitable.

Like folks who rent personal storage units, businesses can sometimes find themselves with more inventory than they want or are able to store in company facilities. Whether due to a cyclical high or a one-time increase in needed storage, it may be necessary to manage a temporary overflow of product. Worse, that problem may be coupled to a lack of shipping capacity needed to move goods in a timely manner.

Some businesses simply prefer to have a professional warehouse company take care of both storage and management of the flow of their products. In addition, a distribution service can provide transportation for goods to and from the storage location. A quality distributor will have a transportation network capable of meeting your shipping and delivery needs.

Another benefit of using a large, managed warehouse and distribution service is the ability to utilize storage locations which provide a geographical advantage to your business. This results in reduced lead time and minimized transportation costs.

Finally, outsourcing your warehousing and distribution tasks to someone who specializes in those services means you’ll be improving the efficiency of those operations while being left to concentrate on what your company does best.

Customer Service

Customer service isn't just a catch phrase at Collins and Company Distributing. We take our reputation of excellent service very personally and have found that this mindset has helped position us as one of the leaders in this market.

If you're considering working with a warehouse and/or distributor service, start with the best. Contact one of our service specialists. 574-848-1118

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